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LIVE DJ Psychedelic Techno Dark Prog Techno

Deploying metallic synths and sharp rhythms, Kodda, aka Johan Clavier, offers an experience mixing his influences through an electrifying raw psychedelic techno.

Drawing inspiration from the raw power of industrial music, the infectious rhythms of minimal, and the pulsating energy of progressive, he crafts an innovative sound playing with the codes between techno and dark prog, to provide a dancefloor-driven experience.

On stage, he delivers an expressive performance, sharing his ultra-communicative energy and his effervescence, under the blows of this heavy technoid trance music.

He joins the team ADN Groove in 2021.
Besides, he participates in the management of Multiversal Records, a label and event organizer in Lyon, which provides psytrance music and its culture overall.

The project in its current form was born in 2019, with an appearance on Universal Tribe Records in early 2020 featuring the genesis of Microkod, before evolving into Kodda.

His debut EP Anima out on May 2022, presents his hybrid style of technoid dark prog.

Played for : ADN Music, Hadra, Outrance, Ethereal Decibel Company, SMB, Nataraja, Sahman Records, Full Spirit, 1001 Bass, Psycamp, Festickzy, Spiritus Silvam, Anomic Elements, Multiversal Records...

Shared stages with : Electrypnose, Breger, Tristan, Jumpstreet, Shred'er, Radikal Moodz, Captain Pastek, Le Son du Placard, Slip Hypnotic, The Horrids, Tilda, Hypnotic Peafowl, Solitary Shell, Nibana, Ewake, Originz, Loopus in Fabula, Lo.Renzo, Mogwaï, Mojo's Ears...

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