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ADN (Art et Distorsions Numériques) stands for Digital Art and Distorsions.
We are a French organization born in 2011 and now living in Grenoble, France. ADN is a multi-disciplinary project combining both musical and visual artworks. It focuses today on setting up a proficient net-label and creating unique musical events.

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  • ADN is open to all artistic proposals as long as it fits into a logic of psychedelia. Feel free to send us your projects, proposals, ideas, we will take the time to respond.

  • To join the association, you must send an email to the email address above, we will respond as soon as possible to explain more in detail how to get involved with ADN and be part of it.


  • Chairmen: Félix Jambon, Samuel Delalez
  • Treasurer: Pierre Fleury

Management Board

  • Félix Jambon
  • Samuel Delalez
  • Pierre Fleury
  • Marica Armankarevic
  • Samir Kerkache

Active Members

  • Art Director: Marco Joannin
  • Label Managers :
    ADN GROOVE : Jules Masson alias Mojo's Ears
    ADN CINEMATIC : Marco Joannin alias M.Ecko
    ADN COLORS : Nathan Olivares alias Barket
    ADN EXPERIMENT : Thomas Roth alias Mars Massive
  • Graphics: Ghashgaie & Nehca Design & Mahiné Téa
  • Website: Daan de Lange
  • Video News: Synema, Captain Pastek

Contact Us

Please select a contact member, write a subject, give your details and compose your message. We will answer you as soon as possible.