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LIVE Dark Prog

Mojo's Ears is a DJ/Producer that produces dark progressive and signed on Uroboros Records.
In 2013, he created with friends a sound system called « Igwantek »,
this gave him the opportunity to get involved in the underground psytrance scene and experience the construction of trance music. Influenced by other friends who compose music such as Itchy & Scratchy, he decided to start his own project Mojo’s Ears in 2013.
Through this project, he creates dark progressive music influenced by forest atmosphere, techno percussion and psychedelic sounds, that won’t let you emerged unscathed.
He released his first EP - Double Dealer Men on Uroboros Records in december 2017 !
By this time he is improving his style by playing in festivals such as Hadra (FR) , Pulsar (BRE) , Elementra (CH)... and tries to make his music even more twisted and proper !
His new EP is coming for Uroboros Records in 2019.

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