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Love Stories

Compilation - M.ECKO

Released: 08/06/2020

Hi-Tech Bass Music Funky Prog Darkpsy Psytrance Techno Twilight Psygressive

Our double compilation "LOVE STORIES" end our 2019 - 2020 label season !

This psytrance compilation is a narrative about love adventures and the endless multiplicity of emotions.

Carefully narrated by nationally and internationally renowned - as well as ADN's - psytrance producers, these musical love stories represent different chapters of an adventure that could be yours and perhaps feelings that you may have encountered before.

The first CD “THE FALL” describes the emotional steps after being heartbroken, recounting the slow transformation from the sadness and loss of bearings to something powerful and liberating, in the form of symphonic, complex and dramatic psytrance.

The second CD “THE CONQUEST” tells of new emotions, from desire and seduction to sexual and spiritual meeting: a poignant happiness filling you once more. This excitement unfolds with jazzy, funky and retro pieces of psychedelic trance.

After working intensively for three years we all hope you will enjoy this beautiful piece of art that our musicians created for you !

The project according to M.Ecko:

"This psytrance compilation is a narrative about love adventures and the endless multiplicity of emotions. This idea came around about three years ago and today the dream has come true. It was longer to release than I first thought because this project went through many evolutions. It started from a break up which had completely transformed my comprehension of relationships. I really wanted to transpose these messy weird feelings and thoughts into a new concept of psytrance compilation, and here we are : each tracks embodies a chapter into someone’s love storie, starting from the break up to the experience of discovering love again.

After spending years discovering our psytrance community, I felt some kind of boredom with the general atmosphere. It was like if every psytrance substyles were focused on blasting some dancefloors. So I wanted to propose something a little bit different. To me psytrance can also tells us emotional stories by exploring infinite sound designs and bpm levels. Something that can speak to everyone one, not just a single community.

This compilation gathers many substyles and artists from great labels. We joined our forces to create a psytrance that is cinematic, full of instrumental elements with surprises and killer twists. This is basically what we tend to produce with ADN MUSIC. You may not enjoy each track because of the variety of styles and artistic inspirations, but also the audacity of some creations. Take it as a part of a full story, let the music speak ! "

Track Listing

  • 01 - Zero Crossing Point - Evol (Intro) 03:51
  • 02 - Obscurum - Cosmic Routine 09:28 200bpm
  • 03 - Ars Goetia - Mystic Rage 07:31 174bpm
  • 04 - Kasatka - Breakup 07:05 175bpm
  • 05 - Synema vs Cyclome - Deep Despair 07:57 160bpm
  • 06 - Raven - Self Dissolution 09:25 152bpm
  • 07 - Nobot - Gonna Be Friend 08:06 148bpm
  • 08 - Crystal Mantis - Inner Shield 07:43 147bpm
  • 09 - Mojo's Ears - Last Confrontation 07:39 141bpm
  • 10 - Sourone - Transmogrify 07:59 130bpm
  • 11 - Sallatiga - Looking For Desire (Intro) 06:00
  • 12 - Captain Pastek - You Touch Me 06:03 137bpm
  • 13 - Gumnut vs Spacey Koala - Curious Chemistry 06:07 137bpm
  • 14 - San & Tac - Mysterious Language Of The Bodies 06:44 146bpm
  • 15 - Slide - Love Reality 08:01 147bpm
  • 16 - Barket - Crazy Sexual Adventures 06:20 152bpm
  • 17 - Lunarave - Passionata 07:29 155bpm
  • 18 - Neon Vapor - Our Euphoric Trip 08:08 172bpm
  • 19 - Calabi Yau - Onirika 05:48 175bpm
  • 20 - Kaikkialla - Je t'aime 08:04 194bpm

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