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After years of experimentation, ADN MUSIC has found its musical way. By focusing on a broad set of sub-genres of psychedelic music, it was time for the label to formalize the different artistic dynamics of its members and artists. Thus, today, the label is divided into four musical research theme. Each theme is the fruit of a common desire to develop a psychedelic electronic music scene where the search for innovation and the taste for complex musics are required. Each family that we present to you shows a particular musical specificity to ADN MUSIC.
ADN EXPERIMENT is looking for innovative, complex, relaxing and violent sounds, typified as hybrid bass music by opening from the IDM to the Glitch.
At the crossroads between techno and progressive psytrance, bright or dark music, ADN GROOVE offers a music from 125 to 140 BPM working to highlight artists with subversives styles who want to bound different musical genres and complexes universes.
ADN COLORS offers visions of a colorful and melodic psytrance, with varied influences ranging from acoustic references to full-on and forest, dedicated to the experience of daytime dancing from 140 to 160 BPM.
ADN CINEMATIC is oriented dark psytrance and hitech. It's a matter of putting a new format of the "harder" music of psytrance by favoring artists with powerful storytelling to the melodic, symphonic, emotional and deep universe.

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GR11 - EP - Microkod

Released: 16/05/2022

Dark Prog

Microkod is proud to introduce his debut EP on ADN Music.
He draws with those 4 tracks a hybrid style of heavy technoid dark prog, inspired by the colors of dirty electro, the groove of psytechno and the energy of progressive.

Anima represents this fusion, evolving through cybernetic environments, funky grooves & breaked sequences. Along with his dancefloor style, he plays with the codes of dark prog to form this blended result.
Welcome into Microkod's universe.

Like an organic droid flavour...
A creature, part organic and bionic, resting into its fluid, opens an eye :
«Where am I?..... Who am I?»
«We call you Microkod, the anima Zero. The first creation of Anima project.»
«Who are you»
«Androids, the descendants of humans. We brought back to life the "human consciousness" through you.»
«We created you from a moon stone, which is said to hold in itself this human consciousness.»
«But I am not a human...»
«No, you're not. The human form is too small a subject.»
«Then.... Why?»
«Well, we are just droids in the end. Now it's up to you to understand why.»

Mastered by Zeamoon Mastering
Cover art by Mat Malinard

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Track Listing

  • 1 - Microkod - Anima Zero 07:06 140bpm
  • 2 - Microkod - Organic Droid Flavour 06:30 140bpm
  • 3 - Microkod - Not a Human 06:50 142bpm
  • 4 - Microkod - Subject 05:41 142bpm




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