🧬🧬🧬🧬🧬 ADN People, here we are in 2022 !🧬🧬🧬🧬🧬

►Year 2021 was a turning point for our association since after 10 years of activity, and in a exhausting health context, we reviewed our internal functioning and progressively moved towards a new entity. We are now armed with new volunteers, new artistic projects and an even stronger desire to push our talented label forward. This is one of the last messages from Art et Distorsions Numériques, which officially becomes ADN Music.

A Timid Renaissance for the Music Events Business

► In last September, the reopening of French concert halls allowed the return of ADN Music events. Until the new ban on standing concerts at the end of December, 6 dates were proposed in Grenoble, Lyon and Saint Martin d'Hères, in our traditional spirit of mixing genres and tempos.

► Despite an outstanding season start with an incredibly motivated audience, we were disappointed as the season progressed ; the halls getting clearer, the attendance getting scarcer. Even though the number of pre-sales had never been so high, we could no longer find this last-minute audience, curious and eager to get lost in the nightlife madness... The health context likely explains this paradox.

► But what if this was not the only reason? Maybe our music genre needs to evolve, and so do our concepts. Maybe doing things the way they used to be may longer be an option... and the current situation makes it even more unclear for this season's end. Finally, we need to reconnect with each other, to get in touch with new people, to take care of our new strengths. Like many other organizations, the health crisis affected our associative body and we are still slowly healing from it.

New Prospects

► Since the return of the events last September, we have been cultivating what is essential. What is our project? How do we renew ourselves? How do we find ourselves back?
We have thought a lot and made several decisions to ensure a strong return of ADN, with exceptional events in new perspectives. But not only : we are also working to make our events feature more female artists ; we are building an in-house policy against sexual harassment ; we are expanding our booking service ; and we plan to merge with more musical genres to stand for Psytrance in differents ways.

► Let's finally remember something that mattered to us: the success of our crowdfunding campaing. This year, even before the events came back, we were able to measure how much our audience carries us in its heart. We want to protect this strength that has risen for us and continue to make it grow stronger. You have saved the organization, and we will do our best to bring it back to life in this new world.

Tangible things for 2022

► When will the ADN events be back (again)? The health context being so versatile, we decided to cancel everything planned until the end of February. We have cancelled many artists and are finalizing our programs. We are planning to come back on March 19th with a brand new concept of musical event, called Mosaic. Five other events are planned from March to June, including the return of ADN vs Zenon label night. Everything is nearly ready ; we're waiting for you ! The success of our events is what allows us to finance our number one project: the Music Label.

What about the label ? No less than 4 releases are soon to be released to start the year with many works from our new artists. ADN has always worked to make you discover tomorrow's talents and various genres of psychedelic sounds, thanks to our four side-labels. We can't wait to show you the outcome !

► We wish you strength for this new year, which hopefully will be epic in the good way. Let's not turn inwards ; let's break out of our shell ; let's open our hearts and shatter our fears !

ADN-ly yours.
♪ ♫ ♩ ♬