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Hooked On Funk

CO07 - EP - Barket

Sortie le 12/08/2021

Funky Psytrance

After a first EP on ADN Music in 2020, here’s a new project from Barket, always funky, musical and crazy.
Once again with an dancefloor mood, Hooked On Funk is a rich and dynamic psytrance EP, melt with jazzy and funky influences and elements. A travel into flared pants, jazz licks, funk guitars, along with a psytrance kick bass groovy and powerful.
Put on your best party dress and get into the funky train !

x Written and composed by Nathan Olivares
x Mastering : Zeamoon Mastering
x VIsual : Ghashghaie


  • 1 - Barket - Hooked On Funk 06:56 150bpm
  • 2 - Barket - Who-Ha 07:31 150bpm
  • 3 - Barket ft. Kadum - Boa Viagem 07:31 147bpm
  • 4 - Barket - Woy 06:34 152bpm

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