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Infinity Journey

EP - Harmonic Glitches

Sortie le 25/11/2019


We are thrilled to announce the first EP of the fresh brasilian duo Harmonic Glitches, made of two already settled producers, Kadum & Alien Chaos !

They deliver three fast and melodic tunes filled with instrumental samples, groovy basslines and electric hi-tech leads that merge altogether to feel like a morning Açai icecream on the dancefloor !


Vous pouvez écouter certains morceaux en cliquant dessus.

  • 1 - Harmonic Glitches ft. Miojo - Buyah 149bpm
  • 2 - Harmonic Glitches - Infinity Journey 154bpm
  • 3 - Harmonic Glitches - Dark Energy 160bpm

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