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Silence Through Universe

EP - Mindblast

Sortie le 27/04/2020

Psychedelic Bass Music Neurofunk

With Silence Through Universe, Mindblast brings its representation of “the non-audible” through four electronic movements between Bass and Psychedelic Music.
The space that extends every second reflects almost no noise.
What can we hear where antimatter reigns ? Is the sound produced by the encounter between two supermassive black holes the only word of the cosmos ?
Mindblast’s second opus shows his aesthetic research in a space journey.
Join the exploration team with these four titles between Neuro and Psychedelic.


  • 1 - Mindblast - Doom 04:04
  • 2 - Mindblast - Inner 05:23
  • 3 - Mindblast - Orion 05:23
  • 4 - Mindblast - Una Vez 05:21

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