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Stellar Theater

Compilation - M. Ecko

Sortie le 07/06/2021

Dark Psytrance

After the successfull Love Stories VA, we are glad to present you the new compilation cooked by M.Ecko.

Stellar Theather is a first form of encounter between dark psytrance and the cinematographic universe. A genuine first draft of the ADN Cinematic style, this compilation seeks to highlight the variety of dark psytrance by introducing music with advanced story telling.
Taken as a story across a broad set of dark psytrance subgenres, each track is one of a kind and stands out in the compilation. From a more forest base, the compilation evolves towards the industrial to more melodic contours before ending in a more experimental world. The idea of ​​the project is to show that dark psytrance must be above all a question of atmosphere where everyone can identify with strong themes in the songs.

By drawing inspiration from film music, by combining a thriller and fantasy atmosphere, by mixing dystopian science fiction and drama, this dark psytrance cinematic is then more emotional, surprising and musical.
Let yourself be embarked in this interestellar cinema hall : sit down, close your eyes and travel safe.


  • 01 - Braindrop - Interstellar Arrival 07:47 146bpm
  • 02 - Dewaka - Savane Subaquatique 08:56 150bpm
  • 03 - Ataro vs Metrix vs Noein - The Brojan Horse 07:46 150bpm
  • 04 - Ghreg On Earth - Esoteric Insurrection 08:55 154bpm
  • 05 - Cubic Spline - Lost Harmony 09:36 153bpm
  • 06 - Tromo - Soulcrusher 07:40 158bpm
  • 07 - Synema - Stranger 06:24 160bpm
  • 08 - Dark Notes - The Nature of the Universe 10:08 157bpm
  • 09 - Electrypnose - Dinner With Beleth 12:06 164bpm
  • 10 - Ipotocaticac - Fossii 08:36 160bpm
  • 11 - Cyclome - Unpredictable 08:10 160bpm

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