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EP - Mogwaï

Sortie le 15/03/2020


ADN GROOVE is proud to present the first fruit of Max's new project Mogwaï (member of Radikal Moodz and The Horrids).
Reverso, three tracks of strong dark progressive with psy-techno influences and liquid sci-fi sound design, incarnates a middle ground between mental night psytrance and the energy of a day groove.

Released on march 15th, 2020

Produced by Mogwaï
Mastered by Théo Grozdanic
Cover art by Marco Petri


  • 1 - Mogwaï - Reverso 07:54 138bpm
  • 2 - Mogwaï - Refractation 08:42 140bpm
  • 3 - Mogwaï - Mirror Tales 07:11 138bpm

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