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EP - Cyclome

Sortie le 18/05/2020


Cyclome presents its third EP "Journey".
These four titles throw you on a grandiloquent space journey to the discovery of strange unexplored lands at the ends of the universe. This new opus invites you to navigate through atmospheres that are sometimes epic, violent and apocalyptic, sometimes melancholic and contemplative.

These four compositions, at dark psytrance and hitech borders, are filled with various scales and melodies, varied rhythmic patterns and triturated samples of electric guitar.
They reflect a deep attachment to its progressive rock and metal infuences and its strong desire to synthesize its diverse musical influences within a psytrance aesthetic.


  • 1 - Cyclome - Travel Turbulence 07:23 180bpm
  • 2 - Cyclome - Distant Fates 10:21 180bpm
  • 3 - Cyclome - Dissonant Issues 09:11 175bpm
  • 4 - Cyclome - Uncanny Landscapes 13:14 179bpm

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